Shop Services

ISS provides comprehensive industrial motor services to all industries. Our cutting-edge, Texas-based facility has the equipment and our staff has the experience to meet your needs in industrial motor services.

  • A/C and D/C motors
  • Synchronous and gear motors
  • Slip-ring induction motors
  • Dynamatic clutches
  • Electric brakes
  • Blowers
  • Repairs
  • Recondition
  • Redesigns and modifications
  • Bearings replacement – SKF/FAG/NTN IN STOCK
  • Sleeve Bearings
  • Oil-mist conversions
  • Inpro/Seals
  • UL recertification

Contact ISS for shop services on your motor equipment.


ISS has a climate-controlled winding facility, where we use high-quality materials and craftsmanship to deliver reliable winding and other industrial motor services. We can rewind fractional horsepower motors up to 6,000 hp. We also work on all types of pumps, stators, armatures, field poles, and interpoles. With our unmatched workmanship and class-F and class-H insulation materials – including inverter-duty magnet wire – ISS provides elite rewinding.

Our rewinding expertise includes :

  • Single-phase, three-phase, and multi-speed winding
  • Testing voltages, from 110 to 4,160
  • A/C, D/C, and synchronous motors
  • Fields, armatures, and interpoles
  • Specialty coils

Vacuum Pressure Impregnation

ISS has a vacuum pressure impregnation system manufactured by Epoxylite Corporation. It is specially designed to provide complete and void-free impregnation of dry wound-insulated form-wound stators to meet IEEE specifications for sealed systems.

We use Epoxylite 478 resin in place of conventional varnishes to create a completely filled 100% solid insulation structure. This special resin provides a smooth, continuous coating on external and internal surfaces of the wound coils. Also, the resin doesn’t flow from the slot area during the cure cycle.

Our impregnation system has the unique ability to produce random-wound stators capable of passing IEEE specifications of sealed systems. The system also does impregnation for other electrical apparatus such as field coils, armatures, stator, wound rotors, and transformers. Vacuum pressure impregnation is just one of the many industrial motor needs Buna provides.

Contact ISS for vacuum pressure impregnation.

Testing Capabilities

Our testing capabilities give customers the advantage to repair their largest motors with accuracy. We annually certify and document all testing equipment.

  • Line test up to 4,160 volts A/C and 600 Volts D/C
  • Full-load test
  • Core-loss tester
  • PdMa Test
  • 15,000 volts D/C high-potential test
  • Surge-comparison test
  • Polarization-index test
  • Megohm test
  • Bar-to-bar test
  • Wheatstone-bridge test
  • Polarity check on field coils
  • High-current test to check broken rotor bars
  • A/C and D/C voltage drop test on fields and interpoles

Balance/Vibration Analysis


ISS dynamic balancing extends the life of your equipment and reduces wear and tear on your rotating machinery. We handle all of your balancing needs up to 20,000 pounds and 7-foot swing. We balance most rotors in anti-friction bearing assemblies. For rotors with bearing already on a shaft, we use V-blocks and put the bearing on them. We use a mandrel for rotors and fans without shafts from both ends. Balancing is part of the comprehensive industrial motor services Buna provides.

We service most types of rotating apparatus related to motors including:

  • Fan blades
  • Motor rotors
  • Pump impellers
  • Other rotating equipment

Vibration Analysis

Excessive vibrations in rotating machinery can be very loud and, more importantly, substantially reduce the life of shaft bearings. Vibration analysis solves these problems.

ISS has on staff a certified vibration analyst, so we do on-site machinery vibration analysis with high quality control. Our capabilities are vast from a spot check on a machine to a complete vibration-analysis program for your machinery.

  • CSI 2130 vibration analyzers, on-site and in the field
  • Balance machines, up to 20,000 pounds and 7-foot swing
  • Field-service analyzing and reporting
  • Certified technicians
  • Installation and calibration of Bently Nevada displacement probes

Contact ISS for balancing and vibration analysis.

Machine Shop

ISS has a high-tech machine shop with well-trained technicians to provide elite industrial motor services.

  • 5 lathes, up to 38-inch swing and 12-foot bed
  • Horizontal milling machine
  • 100-ton hydraulic press
  • Horizontal boring mill
  • Bore and broach couplings
  • MIG welding – auto-feed welding
  • Brazing, welding, Heliarcing
  • Metalizing
  • Lathe undercutting of commutators
  • Key seater
  • Fabrication work
  • Manufacture transition bases
  • Manufacture motor flanges
  • Babbitt bearing work
  • Kingsberry bearing work
  • Complete machine-work services


  • Metal and concrete structures with 30,000 square feet
  • Periodic shaft rotation, megohm test
  • Test reading recorded on database
  • Online inventory check
  • 40-ton crane
  • Oil misting for sleeve-bearing motors
  • Heaters energized according to meg readings
  • Reconditioned or new equipment only
  • Store according to motor manufacture procedure


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